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It's not lumberjack or old man country club masculine. The problem is, people only smells the scent on themselves and not others.

I repeat, this and it's forefather Dior Homme, are far from feminine.

The mood for this, for me, is good for those I'm-tired-and-don't-give-a-shit-about-anything days. I’ve not tested the other versions (DH 2005, 2011, and DHI 2007), but I think those perfumes would be better for me (because of the stronger vanilla/amber/cocoa notes). Sharp, unpleasent, strong pencil shavings note (virgin cedar) 3. I checked the box of the perfume and Dior’s official site: none of them mentioned the vanilla, just iris, ambrette and cedar.

There's something uplifting about having a weird friend around in those situations. Honestly, everything what I got from Homme Intense 2011: 1. The first one hour is a strong, nauseating iris (dont’t like it) with a high dose lipstick and makeup odor. The rest of the time I get a bit of amberette, synthetic vanilla and a lot of powdery notes.

Lipstick or make up bag, I don't know how these two smell and I don't care.

Don't judge a perfume by what others write, but rather, try it.

Alors même si je pense qu'il ne vaut pas la première place, j'avoue que ce parfum agit comme une drogue et que j'y reviens toujours. Definitely get the lipstick vibe with other notes I can't quite put my finger on. There is absolutely nothing weird about Dior Homme Intense. I can definitely understand when people say it smells like lipstick or old ladies.DO NOT try to make decisions based on these ratings. Now you get 1 hour of longevity and projection is around 30 minutes, then it is a skin scent. Go for dior homme parfum, that one is a current number one from dior homme line. Scent: 8/10 Performance: 2/10 Versatility: 5/10 sorry but i just can not get past the iris grandma's handbag smell , it is just too much. I live in Los Angeles, just in case you are wondering where I am testing this out. There's no cocoa in this, it is the latter ingredients that give off the impression of cocoa.i love the sweetness of it, i prefer the parfum as the iris is there at the begining but soon mellows leaving all the good things.performance of this is very good.i think dior is the best designer house but this one is not for me. Here's something special that I must add, this does not smell feminine. However, when someone else where's this the sillage is masculine.DHI hits the magic spot for many people but maybe not for you specifically. :-) It is as simple as that :-) Les votes de la communauté Fragrantica ont placé ce parfum numero 1 des masculins de tout le temps...Mind you, DHI is still one of the highest rated fragrances on Fragrantica. devant des parfums comme Bel Ami, Habit Rouge, Derby, Antaeus, Eau Sauvage, Fahrenheit et j'en oublie...