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Her caption read, 'Oh hello...'This posting comes just as Lindsay Lohan tried to get the Second Act actress to follow her on Twitter with unknown results. I'm doing a big show in Dubai, at the Autism Rocks Arena!'The singer and actress then told followers how to get tickets.He failed to turn up to his hearing after the court moved the date without telling him or his lawyer which means he is now facing a further 30 days' detention.He has already spent over £32,000 in expenses and legal fees.

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After the incident was seemingly over, Mr Harron and his friend relaxed for another 20-30 minutes chatting when suddenly police appeared outside.Jamie Harron, 27, made light contact with a Jordanian man to avoid spilling his drink while moving through the crowded Rock Bottom Bar on a night out.He was arrested for public indecency and then sentenced to 30 days in jail after he missed his hearing due to a mix up over dates.Detained in Dubai said: 'Jamie denies this latter charge vehemently, restating that his only intention was to avoid spilling a drink.'Tourists who consume alcohol at licensed venues can still be arrested for having alcohol in their system. A number of British nationals have been caught out by this contradictory application of the law.'When Jamie was in his prison cell the night of the arrest, his friend accompanied him to the police station. The accuser's friends were telling him to just drop the matter, and that he had taken it too far.Jamie's friend was sitting next to them all and heard the whole discussion.'Jamie's friend is acting as his witness, as is the sympathetic security worker of the pub where the incident happened.