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She takes you through the streets of Sevilla, Madrid, Barcelona, and San Sebastian to dark flamenco clubs, sybaritic public baths, endlessly inventive tapas bars, design shops full of mantillas and fans, and into a brightly tiled chocolatería for hot chocolate and churros at 3 a.m.

Harris explores art from Velázquez to Picasso, architecture from the phantasmagoria of Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia to the cool suspension spans of Santiago Calatrava.

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It makes sense really – something which numbs your skin is probably going to reduce the pleasant feeling of touch as well.

The water smeared and streaked across, creeping into dust filled crevices and turning to mud.

It became even harder to see and I gave up, pushing the glasses into my muddy and matted hair where they came to rest atop my head.

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I sprayed the head of my penis and gently rubbed it in, paying attention to the underside as this is where I’m more sensitive.