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4/29/08: “YOU never helped me.” (My mother’s house has been covered in garbage and things since I was born) 79. 4/29/08: message: I don’t have time, and overworked — she hasn’t worked in over a year since she divorced my father. It’s as if the house is a living entity and it is making life hard for her, a huge mountain to try and conquer in stress, anxiety and pain. (34 year old child) “You can’t afford to keep all that stuff.” (Hoarding father) “I can’t afford not to. ” (Child) “It costs you the use of your house, your relationships, your career, and it may cost you your life.” (Father) “I’ll think about that.” (10 years ago) 89.

“It’s stupid to throw things away that I might have to buy again later (said about items in a room she hasn’t seen in 13 years). “When summer vacation is over and the kids go back to school then I will be able to tackle it.” 74. “Mother’s reasons for hoarding: Your father drives me so crazy I can’t think straight and can’t make decisions about this.” (howdidyouhear: boston globe article) 76. ” (I found 1 dress of mine from high school in an entire room that was packed and 1 box of yearbooks of mine in a packed pole barn…) 78. It’s old news.” Mom: “There might be a recipe in there I want to try/There might be a historic article/I accidentally put money between 84. If she comes to my home she will screw her nose up in disgust if I have dish washing detergent congealed on the nozzle of the bottle. “I made a little clearing, but I’m the only one that can tell it.” 91.

They both have issues.][Maybe this keeps their marriage together? Here’s my mom’s excuse for filling up her 3 bedroom house to the rafters: “It’s all a big puzzle. When I have all of the pieces of what I need for my house, I can begin to put them together and finally have the house I really want.” 68. I’m saving it for; a) church b) a quilt c) the nurse who looks after me d) you.

4/29/08: message: “I have to find the right e-bay storefront. She’s living off of the money from the divorce, the sale of the old house (which was also trashed and we got little money for anyway), and child support payments.

You just have control issues and can’t stand to see me enjoy my things.

What if they stop making that medication and I need it later? (referring to expired pet meds for a long dead dog, originally bought in 1974) 61. What if he visits but forgets to bring any underwear?

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“I can’t clean out the closet until your Aunt comes over and tells me what she wants.” 33.”I can’t clean out the basement, your cousin in New York is convinced I was storing something of hers down there and that I threw it away because I can’t find it. I don’t know if the Goodwill wants those, but I can’t throw them away until I find out. I can’t donate those while they’re so dirty, but I don’t know how to clean them. I heard that there’s a really good consignment shop somewhere nearby. “I moved from a 5 bedroom house into a 2 bedroom apartment, and this stuff is too good to throw away.” 51. That is why I soak labels off jars and wash them thoroughly before I put them in the recycling bin. I have a bag ready for (goodwill, salvatation army, take your pick. 18) No time 19) Not enough money 20) I don’t know any better 21) I LIKE it that way! As soon as your brother gets his stuff out of here I can get organized. Once I stop working I’ll have more time (5 years ago) 24. 37) I couldn’t do it when I was on vacation because (insert one) you, my mom, your sister, my sister, my friend, random person I barely know needed me because (inset one) they were sick, they were lonely, they are going through a divorce, they are in town only for a few days. I’m going to have yardsale, so I don’t want to throw away anything until after that. I grew up during the war when we had to “make do and mend” 40. You know there will be SOMETHING in there because remember when I found ___fill in blank____ and you said you’d like to have it?! *Regarding excessive compulsive recycling)* I am protecting the planet for my grandchildren and their grandchildren by making sure that ANYthing that can be recycled or used is recycled or used. 34) I’ll get to it when I’m on vacation 35) I can’t do it now, my back and/or asthma is acting up 36) It’s all the stuff I bought for you kids when you were growing up. The amount of junk posts was getting overwhelming and time didn't allow me to keep it as clean as it should be. I have added modifications to it to stop harmful scripts and allow me to verify posts by email notification before they go public to make sure nothing is posted to the site that could be offensive.The new guestbook link has replaced the old add link. Posts that haven't been verified yet will simple display an unavailable message until I activate it.