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The castle was an important place during the Wars of Independence and was used to imprison William Wallace for a short time after his capture by the English.

It was from here that Mary, Queen of Scots, was conveyed to France for safety as a child.

The ploy was sometimes successful in diverting the bombers and many bombs fell harmlessly onto the moors and lochs.

Dumbarton Castle sits on Dumbarton Rock, a volcanic plug dating back 334 million years, at the east bank mouth of the River Leven, where it flows into the Clyde estuary.

The title "king of the Britons of Srath Clúade" was first used in 872.

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The Old Dumbarton Bridge over the River Leven was built in 1765 by John Brown of Dumbarton, at the site of a ferry crossing.

Michael's Primary, Knoxland Primary, Braehead Primary, St. As the glass industry declined the town became a major centre for shipbuilding and remained so well into the 20th century.

There were many shipbuilding yards, although a number of them were later absorbed by larger yards.

It was estimated that the flood defences would cost 30,000 pounds Scots, the cost being levied nationwide.

During World War II Dumbarton was heavily bombed by the German air force.