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Even more, when your spouse's demeanor towards you changes, how do you reconnect?When you feel that your relationship has been unfairly affected by an illness, how do you take back your life?Sue Rice, a blonde who will only admit to being over 60 but who looks to be about 80 and dances like she’s 14, has hooked up with Larry Tucker, an ex-banker about a decade her junior. ” According to Alan, a swarthy 62-year-old, there’s a thriving black market for little blue Viagra pills. “I paid 12 bucks for a single pill.” Local cops just try to keep up.Tucker sports a gold charm around his neck that reads, “Bankers do it with interest.” “Feel this,” Rice says, bouncing up from her bar stool and pinching her slim waist. “You see two 70-year-olds with canes fighting over a woman and you think, ‘Oh, jeez,’ ” Lt. "I am dedicated to caring for my clients and colleagues by inspiring hope, health and mental well-being.As a clinical Sexologist I strive to utilize evidenced based practices.The state’s sexually transmitted disease rate among those over 65 is one of the fastest growing in the country, one report claims.In 2006, a local gynecologist reported that she treated more cases of herpes and human papillomavirus at The Villages than she did when she worked in Miami.

I have over 15 years of experience as a psychotherapist, and enjoy providing therapy to couples, individuals and families.Though The Villages – which spans three counties with 40,000 homes and more than 70,000 residents – boasts 34 golf courses, nine country clubs, two downtown squares and a slew of restaurants and bars, getting lucky is one of the residents’ primary pastimes.The huge complex began growing rapidly in the mid-1990s, and reported cases of gonorrhea rocketed from 152 to 245, of syphilis rose from 17 to 33, and of chlamydia from 52 to 115 among those 55 and older in Florida from 1995 to 2005.I work with children and adults.""I am dedicated to caring for my clients and colleagues by inspiring hope, health and mental well-being.I work with children and adults.""As the Past President of the Broward Chapter of the Florida Psychological Association, Dr.