Sammi cheng and andy hui dating

After her last compilation album Miracle Best Collection which won the Best-Selling Cantonese Album Award at the 2015 IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Award, Sammi Cheng releases another compilation album which includes 64 of the pop diva's most popular songs remixed in DSD format.

The four-disc Sammi Cheng Unforgettable album contains slow ballads such as the rearranged "I Don't Want You to Leave," "Why Still Repeat the Same Wrong Thing," "Memories," "Could You Remember Me Forever," "I Can't Afford Your Love" and "Light of Time." The album also features uptempo dance jams like "Chotto Mate," "Ding Dong," "Become Famous Overnight" and the disco hit "The End" which earned Sammi the title "Dancing Queen." © 2016-2017 Yes Ltd. This original content has been created by or licensed to Yes, and cannot be copied or republished in any medium without the express written permission of Yes

Following up her 2009-2011 “Love Mi” concert tour, Cheng is stirring up the music scene once more through “Touch Mi.” The “Touch Mi World Tour” kicked off in Hong Kong (Dec.

(Hong Kong October 19 2017) Sammi Cheng and South Korean pop star Krystal Jung attended a party for a watch brand together.

When asked about her new, short hairstyle, Krystal said, "My character in my new film is a sporty girl who has short hair.

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A friend told him that he wanted until after the credits to leave because she wanted to settle his emotions.

In one scene he had to write a song for Sammi, he asked her for help.

Goo Jai also said that in one scene he had to carry Sammi from a sea of tree.

She sweetly said, "I am not talking about this, let's just talk about the movie." Will she ask people to buy tickets? For the movie I can't do anything about it."In addition, Sammi and On Jai reportedly will wed in August. Sammi reiterated that she had no plan to wed and she did not want to respond again. Although they have been linked romantically in rumors when they worked together before, Sammi has already reunited with Andy Hui Chi On so they did not hold back at all. In the film Sammi plays someone who was stubborn about love. She said, "I don't know, I have to experience it again. I don't know about other areas." When someone made fun of her as giving people the impression that she was stubborn about love in real life, she finally spoke the truth.

"Stubborn is a negative adjective, I am not stubborn." Goo Jai helped her and said that she was actually persistent.