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So despite having what would be “on paper” not a good fit, they grew to not only appreciate one another in different respects, but also overlooked/ appreciated the high-maintenance aspect. As a single guy, I’m caught in this swipe left/ swipe right world where we base our interactions (and the sometimes, the most important ones like who we date, and EEK! Yet, when you talk to some of the older generations, or yes, even to Strangers sitting next to us, the relationships that matter oftentimes stem from situations where we shed those judgments.

She’s done a number of different things over the years. Did someone disappoint you or did you disappoint yourself? The sad part is that you’re probably coming up with excuses already. You prefer to stay in your comfort zone instead of facing reality like you should. Her secret talent is that she tends to be the queen bee. But in any case, allowing ourselves to be open to surprise (the good and the bad) yields a far more substantive life and network of relationships. That’s perhaps why dating online can be hard, and why we tend to value the “organic” day-to-day interactions or real-life meets.