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I think this like everything else requires patience and tolerance of the people and glitches. I will join the chat soon again, I gave it a rough run this morning and found everyone friendly in there, which is refreshing as apposed to yahoo chat, which is my normal haunt. I know I am here more than anywhere else and have met some of the most incredible friends with Erin topping the list of many!!

I am using i Phone, but can not chat in chat rooms. See ya'll in the first offical meeting of BPAA in chat lol!! Maybe the resolution that all might find agreeable is to limit the types of pics that can be displayed in the general chat..

In January this year a Sasha Ruseva was arrested in Thessaloniki, close to the Bulgarian border, for the same offence.

We told them we want her back.’His brother said Mr Rusev has been ‘out of his mind’ since he first saw a picture of Maria on Bulgarian television two days ago and has barely stopped drinking since.

Kami tidak menyimpan mana-mana sumber dan fail tetap, hanya untuk Indeks maklumat meta tetap dan menyediakan perkhidmatan carian.

Om oss : Vi är en DHT resurs sökmotor baserad på Torrents-protokollet, alla resurser kommer från DHT Sökroboten i 24 timmar. Vi lagrar inte några resurser och Torrents filer, bara att indexera den Torrents meta informationen och tillhandahåller söktjänster.