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For more on the Membership and Roles systems, be sure to read the Examining ASP.

NET 2.0's Membership, Roles, and Profiles article series.

To help administer users, roles, and authorization settings, ASP.

NET 2.0 includes the Web Site Administration Tool (WSAT).

Its global navigation menu contains one link for each department - IT, marketing, sales, and so on - with each department's web pages existing as a separate, physical folder in the website.

This demo uses the If you are itching to get started with the application, feel free to go ahead and download, install, and test it.

WSAT is available from the Visual Studio 2005 Website menu via the ASP. Launching the WSAT from Visual Studio, however, allows only local websites to be administered.

This article provides an overview of my custom WSAT implementation and explores the user list and add and edit user pages in detail.The control simply outputted all letters of the alphabet as regular links, adding a Query String parameter in the form property was set to True. NET postback and traditional Query String-based navigation models opens a can of worms.With yet another lesson learned and yet another minor heartbreak behind me, I said goodbye to the Query String-based navigation model and built a new version as a proper postback-based ASP. I won't go into the details here, but I quickly realized an advantage that comes with postback-based controls: we can access the control values as properties rather than using the method, it returns just the usernames of the users in the specified role and not the users' details like their email address, active status, last logon date, and so forth.If we need to capture additional user-specific fields for our application - such as gender, address, date of birth, and so on - we can either use the Profile system or create our own infrastructure for storing this information. The following screen shot shows the Add User page in action: The Edit User page is based on the design of the Add User page and can be accessed from the various user list pages.I built this page using a Check Box List for the Roles and a Details View for the primary user info.