Dating a usan

Years are counted since the creation of the world, which is assumed to have taken place in the autumn of 3760 BC.

In that year, after less than a week belonging to AM 1, AM 2 started (AM = Anno Mundi = year of the world).

This question is important for Christian historians because if you know the date, you may with some degree of confidence also calculate the year; all you have to do is find a year near AD 30 where 14 or 15 Nisan fell on a Friday.

Therefore a two day delay is used rather than a one day delay, as the year must not start on a Wednesday as stated in rule 3.

Esta pregunta es importante para los historiadores cristianos , porque si usted sabe la fecha , es posible que con cierto grado de confianza también calcular el año , todo lo que tienes que hacer es encontrar un año cerca de 30 d C donde el 14 o 15 de Nisan cayó en viernes .

El problema es que no conocemos los detalles exactos del calendario hebreo , ya que se utilizó en el primer siglo .

In other words, AM 2 started less than a week after the “creation of the world”.

The New Testament states that Jesus died on a Friday at the beginning of the Jewish Passover, and that his resurrection took place on the following Sunday.