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When I Delay Delivery of a message does it get sent from my PC to the server and wait there?

Can I close Outlook, log off my PC and it will still get delivered even if I don't log on to my PC again until after the requested delivery date/time?

Outlook includes two methods to send messages at a later time: an after sending rule that holds a message in the Outbox for up to 120 minutes or a setting in Message Options to send the mail at a specific time.

I do not recommend delaying messages more than a few days.

I host my own Exchange Server, so that’s my primary mailbox.

I include multiple other mailboxes (such as my wife’s, my kids’, etc.).

To delay messages sent during specific hours, see Delay Delivery of Messages Sent at Specific Times To schedule recurring message, see Scheduling a Recurring Message To hold messages for up to 120 minutes, you need to create an "after sending" rule.

This rule can apply to all messages or only to messages that meet the conditions you set.

I’d use an Exchange connection if I could, but the Office team at Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, decided this wasn’t something anyone should do. Anyway, a week or two ago, I started getting an error message that looked like this every time I clicked on one of my IMAP folders: I finally got myself unburied enough to investigate and found a very helpful post – a forum actually – that described how to solve this problem.

(Test this before using it.) You can use VBA to send a message when a reminder fires.

See Send an email when an Appointment reminder fires for the code.

Use this dialog to stop accidentally closing Outlook.

One of the utilities in the MAPILab Toolbox, Email Scheduler allows you to chedule messages to be sent at specific date/times or intervals by setting up a task for each message.