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Local shop owners are the ones who often take the risk to bring in a small, start-up brand, differentiating themselves from the big boys.

Entrepreneur and Klymit angel investor Jeff Pickett thought the innovation deserved a second chance, so he bought the intellectual property and spun off Nu Down Inc. Not long after Pickett’s purchase, he invited his his neighbor, fellow investor and outdoor industry veteran Bob Hall to lead the start-up.

“And the genius of this thing is it’s not only that you’re decreasing insulation, but that you’re moving the insulation away from your body.

And you’re not just adding insulation [with inflation], but moving it in by the torso and around the body.” The two investor’s first step after taking on Nu Down: Go dormant.

“I and love and you,” a Boulder, Colo.-based natural pet care brand whose products are formulated by a holistic veterinarian, has officially launched into 26 Rocky Mountain region Whole Foods Market stores.

The launch is the company’s first foray into the in-store retail market.