Who is warren sapp dating

I never want to see your face again.'Actor Jamie Lomas, who plays Warren, announced he will be leaving the soap as in a dramatic upcoming storyline in November.Anna Passey told the Metro how Sienna struggles to cope after losing her daughter Sophie and first thinks 'that Warren is testing her and will bring her back' 'As things go on, we see a deterioration in Sienna’s mental state and she isn’t willing to accept that her baby is actually gone.' 'She turns against everybody as she believes that they are trying to take Sebastian away from her – she is fiercely protective of the one baby that she has left.' Sienna has also still got cervical cancer meaning that her time is limited.

But following a tearful goodbye, Warren shocks viewers by returning to the hospital and stealing one the the twins, daughter Sophie, declaring he's 'not going to lose them both'. It's just me and you kid,' he says before driving off with the police in pursuit.A spokesman for 46-year-old Melinda told Mail Online: 'It’s been a very tough time for Melinda but now she is looking forward to a happy 2018 with her children and pursuing her career in TV.'She has been studying psychotherapy for the past few years and hopes to merge this into her TV career and use it moving forward to help with producing programmes about mental health issues which affect all of us at one time or another.'The pair's romance began in Austria in 2013 when the former glamour model appeared on reality show The Jump where Warren was a ski instructor.'I would be happy at home in between work but Warren has had a much different lifestyle, he travels constantly.'Melinda and Warren sold their separate home and bought a six bedroom place together in Berkshire in July 2014.But Melinda said within days of moving in she began to have doubts over their future, thinking 'what have I done' and wondering of their relationship would work.