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As a dating coach, I continually find inspiration in the world of entrepreneurship, where courageous and motivated individuals create, build, and shape ventures.

I like applying what I learn about entrepreneurs to the world of dating.

You become a better entrepreneur by practicing entrepreneurship. You become better at dating and creating connection (and any of the things you deem need improvement in your dating life) though practice and experimentation.

The aforementioned items are all ones that I have committed to practicing in my own entrepreneurial life.

How I Think About Love and Relationships: I know after an extended period of time knowing someone, the qualities you see in someone go from being extraordinary to just plain ordinary. When it comes to a relationship, there has to be something extraordinary, some sort of “fire” that keeps the relationship going, and you loving that person. I have had the boyfriend who could always make me laugh, whether I was crying, or just waking up in the morning. I also had the boyfriend who was reliable and would be anywhere I needed him to be, whether it was because I was having a meltdown or I just wanted to go to Steak N’ Shake. That one particular trait about both of these guys made them extraordinary all the time. We need to not only focus on the extraordinary in our loved ones, but also in ourselves.

Just because I am a woman does not mean that any man is not capable of having the same feelings or attitudes as me and vice versa.  There is also this perception that men are the “hunters” and women are the ones being hunted. I personally do not want to be hunted; I would rather be “wooed” like they did in the olden days. Don’t let these silly gender ideas hold you back in the dating world ladies. I have had those moments where I want someone to vent to besides my Mom, or someone to cuddle up next to on the couch besides my body pillow. Sometimes this fear leads us rushing into things, allowing us to settle for anything less then what we deserve. We have to set our own standards for the people we date. My roommate and I ended up making a list of traits I was looking for in a guy when getting ready to go on a date one night. The poor guy didn’t even make it past date number two.  I set my standards though, and didn’t settle for anything less then what I felt I deserved, and neither should you.Now that the book is done, and this little excerpt from my brain is almost done, I believe I am ready to not only tackle the dating scene, but I can start dating with intention. I hope everyone starts to date with intention, no matter what your status is. And to those braving the dating world with me, good luck!Your browser is not currently configured to accept cookies from the this website.I like to call this trial and error process of dating my "Date. They don't seek to busy themselves every second as a way to alleviate their loneliness or to avoid having to reflect on their lives. Morin writes: "Mentally strong people enter the world prepared to work and succeed on their merits, at every stage of the game." Mentally strong dating entrepreneurs understand that they don't happen upon love through luck or serendipity.They take time to unplug; they go on long walks or take long showers or take long drives in the car with the radio off or journal or just sit in quietude, as they grapple with the questions to which they are seeking answers. They understand that they make their own fate through the beliefs with which they choose to fill their minds and the actions they decide to take.