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In Britain, the influence of those who preferred the Norman (or Anglo-French) spellings of words proved to be decisive.Later spelling adjustments in the United Kingdom had little effect on today's American spellings and vice versa.As a general noun, rigour does not, such as in rigor mortis, which is Latin.Derivations of rigour/rigor such as rigorous, however, are typically spelled without a u even in the UK.Rather […] he chose already existing options such as center, color and check for the simplicity, analogy or etymology".Webster did attempt to introduce some reformed spellings, as did the Simplified Spelling Board in the early 20th century, but most were not adopted.In the early 18th century, English spelling was inconsistent.

The u is kept before English suffixes that are freely attachable to English words (for example in .

A "British standard" began to emerge following the 1755 publication of Samuel Johnson's A Dictionary of the English Language, and an "American standard" started following the work of Noah Webster and in particular his An American Dictionary of the English Language, first published in 1828.

Webster's efforts at spelling reform were somewhat effective in his native country, resulting in certain well-known patterns of spelling differences between the American and British varieties of English.

The special car on Amtrak's Coast Starlight train is known as the Pacific Parlour car, not Pacific Parlor.

Proper names such as Pearl Harbor or Sydney Harbour are usually spelled according to their native-variety spelling vocabulary.