Xbox video list not updating

and other promotions, Microsoft needs to keeps its console up-to-date and appealing with fresh new features if it expects to draw in new users. For now, it's available only to participants of the Xbox One Preview Program.

This program gives Xbox One owners an early shot at trying out new features before they roll out to all console users.

Perhaps the most intriguing out of the bunch was the addition of Xbox 360 games like While we got to see comparisons in the past, Digital Foundry has taken things a step further showing off the difference in graphical prowess between the Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and Xbox 360.

While the results are mixed, overall, the Xbox One X does provide a better experience for players, delivering refinements here and there that make things better visually.

Dubbing the improvement "Quick Connect," Hryb said that in the past the controller took around four to five seconds to connect to the Xbox One console when someone turned it on.

Now the controller should connect in under two seconds.

Those in the Xbox Preview Program are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions to Microsoft based on new features to help the company determine whether those features are fit and ready for all Xbox One users.

Also would be cool if we could also get the xbox 360 games from the app, be it from games with gold or all the back compat ones by adding sorting the game categories.

I found a line in the xbox support docs that is, at least for me, inaccurate.

It says the xbox will check for updates in the "off" state (instant-on low power state), which happens every time I shut the xbox down at night. What I figured out after reading this, and some trial and error, was that I have my Xbox set to "never turn off automatically", and for some reason, this turns off the auto downloading.

The company rolls out a number of new features and improvements on a monthly basis.

That's important to keep existing users happy but also to draw in potential new customers.