For the longest time, I filled these spots with drinking or going out partying, which led to the inevitable development of some bad habits.

Let’s just say my wine drinking capabilities have improved dramatically in the past few months.

Hast du schon probiert Bilder mit dem Handy und auch mit der Kamera zu machen ?

In the first “Sex and the City” movie, Samantha says this about sex: “I can’t color enough. I would use every crayon in my box.” Samantha was never shy about her desires and never really went the traditional route in terms of relationships.

Dann verschiebe ich die Fotos ins Inventar, aber mein Sim kann die trotzdem nicht liefern... Ich wrde die nmlich ungern abbrechen und mir ne neue holen.

Wei zufllig irgendwer, wie das Problem zu lsen ist? Am Ende hab ich dann nur noch die Quests offen, bei denen ich Fotos liefern muss... Kannst aber die Mission ruhig verwerfen die kannst du neu machen da die dir wieder angezeigt wird nach ner Zeit :) Ich wrde mal die Bilder verkaufen und neue machen.

The truth of the matter is, it isn’t the same because it’s not the same type of relationship as one with mutual sexual attraction.In truth, I wouldn’t be working as much as I currently do if I were in a relationship.In fact, I would be delegating most of my free time to completing as much school work as possible, so I could have all the remaining time to spend stress-free and work-free with my boyfriend. That red push-up corset with the black lace is still sitting in its box from just before your breakup, and all your other lingerie that cost you way too much money is folded neatly beneath it.You can have non-committal fun on dates without becoming physically involved with someone too, which can be great for your self-esteem.Con: You have way more time on your hands than you did when you were in a relationship, and those giant gaps in your schedule are not always being spent as productively as they should be.